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Tarot card originated in western Italy during the late 14th or early 15th century.  First people used them as playing cards only but slowly Frenchman John Baptise alliete published first guide to tarot reading, which gave them meaning, beliefs about astronomy and four elements. Then in 1909 Tarot received a major update. The Rider Waite Deck came in use and it is still in use and is considered as the most authentic deck.


Tarot can help you in taking difficult decision. Tarot can show you the path to your goal. It can help you to handle difficult situation.

  • Tarot can predict your future.
  • Tarot can guide you.
  • Tarot can help you.
  • Tarot can suggest you.


Occult science of tarot is based on the basic principle that everyone has their own energy, own aura. Which interact with other person’s aura and with cosmic energy gives a shape to the problems. Psychologist  Carl jung explained very nicely- ‘cards were an easy way to represent the archetype of mankind.’

People attach intrinsic meaning with specific card drawn that helps them to get their answers on own. Using their own subconscious mind it is a way of projecting one’s own unconscious knowledge into a card. Tarot does not scare you but helps you as a friend. They guide you as a mentor.

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