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In simple words numerology is the study of numbers and their effects on individuals. But the practice and principles of Numerology has been traced back to at least 50 B.C. when great Greek mathematician and philosopher ‘Pythagoras’ began a theory of numbers when he discovered that there was a direct relationship between numbers and music notes. He was one of the first people to inspire the ideas the worlds eventually lead to the creation of Zodiac sign. The world Numerology was recorded in history in 1907.


Numerology is the study of important numbers in our life which can help an individual through life’s unseen pitfalls. Numerology can help us understand a person’s traits, motivations in life and downfalls. It helps to direct them to the stunning pinnacles of human achievements and to understand the characteristics of people. It tells you the impact of numbers in your life.


  1. It helps you to represent your inner abilities and character along with your potential and can change your life.
  2. Numerology can help you with your profession choices.
  3. It helps you tell about the right time to start a new venture.
  4. It helps you to correct your name flaws for more success.
  5. It can correct your house/firm can be more successful.

Numerology can also bring you closer to the opportunity by telling you know the factors which trigger positive results.

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