Dr. Pratibha Singh

  • "Tarot is an instrument that reveals the hidden things of the world and makes sense out of the visible ones."

  • "Numerology is a study of numbers in your life... Numerology helps to transform you and navigate you for a better future."

  • "Face reading determines one's personality, Character, and preferences by an analysis of the structure of one's face."

  • "Graphology is the study of handwriting and signature which is used to infer persons thoughts and character."

Dr. Pratibha Singh

Dr. Pratibha singh is a gifted intuitive person, she has been reading Tarot since many years. Today she is well known for her excellent reading and consulting. She is very good in teaching also.

Apart from Tarot, she has lots of specialization like – Career reading , Love & Relationship reading, Business problem. She is an expert numerologist also and till now has benefitted lots of people by their name corrections. She is a trained Face reader and very good Graphologist and Signature Analyst – by which she analyzes personality and thought process of a person.

She is a life coach also and will provide you best of the advices. She does online and offline readings which are very effective. All her clients are very happy with her


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Tarot card originated in western Italy during the late 14th or early 15th century.

Face Reading

The practice of physiognomy or face reading is an ancient art known around the world.


In simple words numerology is the study of numbers and their effects on individuals.


The term combines two Greek words: Graph- meaning writing; ology – meaning study.

Dr. Pratibha Singh

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